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BACFUG 15th November - MAX / Scorpio

November 14, 2006 ·

Jennifer says:
Scorpio is the upcoming version of ColdFusion. If you missed MAX, you probably missed the latest news. Catch up with that and other things you might have missed Wednesday. RSVP by 4pm Tuesday at the BACFUG website if you think you might go. We won't hold you to it. Wednesday, 7pm
601 Townsend St
Should be a good one for folks who couldn't make it to MAX!

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ColdFusion Image Manipulation (updated)

October 25, 2006 ·

Ray Camden just posted his notes from the Scorpio image processing session. Details are sketchy here but hopefully someone else attended the session and will post more detailed notes shortly...
Rob Brooks-Bilson has done just that! Great set of notes Rob!

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ColdFusion Server Monitoring

October 24, 2006 ·

Two bloggers are covering Ashwin Mathew's session on the new-in-Scorpio server monitoring tool: Rob Brooks-Bilson and Ray Camden.

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ColdFusion and .NET

October 24, 2006 ·

Ray Camden has written up a good set of notes on the ColdFusion / .NET integration in Scorpio from the session today at MAX. I had no idea this was coming and I was initially pretty "ho-hum" about it as I started to read Ray's post. Until I got to the bit about being able to interact directly with .NET components from a remote non-Windows server! OK, now that is cool! I can happily live in my favorite *nix world and use ColdFusion to manipulate .NET components on those infernal Windows boxes over there in the corner. Awesome!
Update: Rob Brooks-Bilson also wrote notes on this session.

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Apollo - Do you get it?

October 24, 2006 ·

Tony MacDonell has written up a nice piece explaining how he's sees Apollo positioned in the world. I particularly like this comment:
If making an Apollo Chat Client, or Flickr Image Viewer, or News Aggregator for the desktop is all you can imagine, then expand yourself.
Folks at the MAX keynote saw much more than this already including, I think, two of the items from the next line in Tony's article:
Start with a Bitmap Image Editor, MP3 Player, Document editor, SWF compiler, Web Browser, Vector Illustration program, etc. Time to bust out file format documentation for the thousands of file types out there!

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MAX Keynote Coverage

October 24, 2006 ·

If you aren't there, you can still read all about it:

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MAX 2006 on Flickr

October 22, 2006 ·

Rob Brooks-Bilson has created a Flickr group for MAX 2006 so you can post pictures of the event or just use it to enjoy MAX vicariously. As a general principle, I'm tagging this 'adobemax06' which is the 'official' preferred tag for everything related to MAX this year.

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Everyone is off to MAX

October 21, 2006 ·

Ben Forta reports that MAX 2006 will be the best attended event ever. I've seen a lot of blog posts from people who are starting their journeys this weekend, heading out to Vegas for a week of keynotes, sneak peaks and a vast selection of technical sessions across the full gamut of Adobe products. I'm sure it'll be a great event! Me? I'll be in San Francisco, helping the team put the finishing touches on Adobe Acrobat Connect which is "expected to be available in November 2006 as a free trial version through the end of the calendar year" (see the press release from September 18th). It's also On Safari next week in Portland, OR which is effectively the Bengal breed national cat show.

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MAX 2006 - Early bird extended

October 04, 2006 ·

The early bird price for MAX 2006 has been extended to October 16th. The website has not yet been updated to reflect this (hence blog posts from Ben Forta, Matt Chotin and now myself). The early bird price saves you $200 over the regular price.

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Learn more about Scorpio at MAX

September 08, 2006 ·

Ben Forta has blogged that three ColdFusion sessions at MAX are actually about new features in Scorpio and are being presented by the engineers who are building those features. Definitely not to be missed!

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