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The Strange Loop 2013

September 21, 2013 ·

I'm providing a brief summary here of what sessions I attended, followed by some general commentary about the event. As I said last time, if you can only attend one conference a year, this should be the one.

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Java, CFML and Frameworks

January 25, 2012 ·

I get a lot of emails asking questions. Some of them come in directly to me, some via the Contact page on my blog. With the latter, developers have to provide an email address. Most developers seem capable of doing this, but every now and then someone fills out the form with a bunch of "demands" and fails to provide a correct email address.

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Are Objects Bad?

December 08, 2010 ·

I've had a number of people criticize me for 'pushing' OOP as the One True Way(tm). Some people have even raised the somewhat infamous "tablizer" OOP-is-bad page (sorry, I'm not going to link to it!). Whilst I am a big fan of OO as a good way to model the real world in software, I try to be pragmatic about what works and I don't believe in One True Way(tm). Heck, I've become famous (notorious?) for saying "It depends!" when asked about the 'right' way to do something!

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Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion

October 08, 2010 ·

A lot of people have been asking for this: a book on Object-Oriented Programming in ColdFusion! Matt Gifford is the author (@coldfumonkeh) and Packt is the publisher - following on from their Developer Tutorial books for ColdFusion 8 and ColdFusion 9. Great to see Packt supporting ColdFusion by continuing to publish books, where some other publishers seem to have withdrawn their support.

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Static is Evil

December 12, 2009 ·

This cropped up on the TDD mailing list and it made me smile so I wanted to share it along with some commentary. A fairly common request from folks in the CF community is for "static" methods (and data members) to be added to CFML. Folks look at Java, think it's a cool concept, and want it in CFML as well. I generally pop up and say it's a bad idea and that Java only has static because it doesn't have any concept of a global application scope (which CFML does, of course).

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Introducing FW/1

July 20, 2009 ·

Over the last few days I've been working on a new MVC application framework for ColdFusion. It's very lightweight and completely convention-based. Beyond this introduction, I won't be blogging about it here but you can read all about about on the project blog over at Framework One's RIAForge website. That's where you'll also find the forums, wiki, source code repository and bug tracker. The blog also has a link to the new mailing list if you'd rather use that instead of the forums. What is FW/1? Read the RIAForge project description and introductory blog post there. Why create FW/1? Again, read the project blog on RIAForge!

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To OO or not to OO? What is the question?

May 30, 2009 ·

Marc Funaro kicked off quite a heated debate on his blog lately by raging against people pushing object-oriented programing/design and how his attempt to follow their advice nearly led to the collapse of his business. Marc was expressing a common frustration that many of us have heard from people who try to learn OO, especially from people with a long history of procedural programming and/or no computer science background. I've left comments on a few of the blog posts but several people have asked me to go into a bit more depth about my thoughts on this issue (since I'm one of the people sometimes accused of "pushing" OO and insisting it's the "right" way to do things).

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My cf.Objective() 2009 Schedule

May 11, 2009 ·

In the absence of a printable schedule - sorry, Joe Rinehart says it's a problem with the Media3 hosting and he's been trying to get them to fix it for months! - here is my schedule for cf.Objective() 2009:

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Designing object-oriented software is hard

March 30, 2009 ·

Ben Nadel had a bit of a "crisis of faith" last week over his ability to learn OOP the "right" way. He's highlighted a problem most people have coming to OO these days: in their search for the One True Way(tm), they are overwhelmed and can feel like failures. It can be a long, hard road. In a comment on his blog, I recommended everyone read the first two paragraphs of the "Gang of Four" Design Patterns book because it really sets this in context. I'm going to reproduce those first two paragraphs here to get you thinking. I highly recommend buying and reading the book.

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The DAO and Gateway separation in CFML is nonsense

March 03, 2009 ·

There, I said it! I said it in a post to the cfcdev mailing list and Henry Ho felt it deserved a mention on his blog. The topic came up because John Whish, manager of the Devon CFUG over in England (where I spoke last September on design patterns), is running a series of presentations on OO and patterns for the group. He wondered how to approach the fact that CFers tend to have separate DAOs and Gateways whereas that distinction does not exist in non-CF languages or pattern literature. I feel responsible for that distinction so I replied with my thoughts and an explanation of why I had suggested it nearly six years ago but why I don't think it's good advice these days (and, frankly, hasn't been good advice for years - I no longer had access to the guidelines document that enshrined the advice!). I recommend you read the thread on the Google Group (cfcdev). Henry quotes part of my reply and links to the thread for more detail.

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