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Conferences & Me

May 20, 2014 ·

I love conferences but I can't attend all of them...

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Interviewed by Dan Wilson for DZone

February 09, 2010 ·

Back at CFinNC, I sat down with Dan Wilson for an informal 15 minute interview about standardization, open source and my thoughts about CFML. DZone published the video today. Watch Dan Wilson interviews Sean Corfield on DZone!

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CFinNC Rocked!

October 20, 2009 ·

Now that I'm back from CFinNC and (almost) caught up on lost sleep, I wanted to share my thoughts about this event (and the trend it represents). First off, huge kudos and thanx to Dan Wilson, Jim Priest and the entire TACFUG crew who put on this event! It was well organized (especially for a first attempt) and I'd rate the content - and the networking - right up there with some of the best ColdFusion conferences I've attended. The fact that it was free did not mean that quality suffered at all - well done to all those involved! After a smooth and well-staffed registration process, Adam Lehman presented his opening "not a keynote" talk, pointing out that he was technically on vacation and it was a bit odd doing a keynote-style talk now that ColdFusion 9 has actually been released! He covered a lot of ground in a nice, relaxed style that went over well with the crowd (which included quite a few folks for whom this was all news anyway). On day two, Joe Rinehart opened with an "inspirational" keynote-style piece based loosely on his CFUnited keynote. He explained why he'd fallen in love with ColdFusion and then drifted away and how he'd recently fallen in love all over again, this time with the community and what they'd shown ColdFusion is capable of. It was a good, upbeat talk that also went over well with the crowd.

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ColdFusion and the Open Source Landscape

October 18, 2009 ·

This morning I presented ColdFusion and the Open Source Landscape (PDF, 544k) at the awesome CFinNC conference. The feedback has been good so far so I wanted to get the slides online quickly for everyone to download / read. The talk covers several aspects of open source development in ColdFusion and gives some insights into the For ColdFusion Foundation (4CFF).

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September 05, 2009 ·

Registration for CFinNC is now open! I'm looking forward to CFinNC. I think it's great to see yet another ColdFusion event on this year's calendar, especially since this one is free to attend! Hopefully it will attract some new developers to CFML as well at that price. Here's more information about the conference:
CFinNC is a free web development conference held in Raleigh, North Carolina during the weekend of October 17th and 18th with an International line-up of speakers presenting on timely and relevant topics on web development. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsors and the creativity of the planning committee, registration for the event will be free and includes entry to the weekend event and to all presentations. In order to keep the event free we have removed some hard costs and some benefits you normally get from paid-registration events. Please be aware of the following: 1) You are responsible for paying for lunch for both days. We have enlisted the services of a local caterer and will be providing lunch each day for $10/day. This includes a sandwich, chips and drink. Please bring cash the day of the event! We will not be able to process credit cards! 2) Limited Edition, Collectible CFinNC conference t-shirts will be available for purchase for $15 with any proceeds going to offset costs and possibly sponsor a planning committee dinner (if we sell them all). Lunch and shirt purchase is completely optional. You may indicate if you would like to purchase lunch and/or a t-shirt on the registration form. For more information, please check the CFinNC website at:

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Speaking at CFinNC

August 19, 2009 ·

I just received confirmation that two of my submissions have been accepted for CFinNC, the ColdFusion, Flex, AIR conference in North Carolina in October. I think this will be a great event for the "East Coast Silicon Valley" and I'm really looking forward to speaking there. Here are the two sessions I'll be giving:
Design Patterns in ColdFusion Come find out what design patterns are really about and how they can make your life easier. (You're probably already using some design patterns, although you may not know it.) For this session, we have distilled decades of software engineering experience into a well-documented set of blueprints that can be applied to common problems to ensure clean, maintainable code.
This will be an updated version of the presentation originally created for the "Inspire" track at MAX 2007.
ColdFusion and the Open Source landscape Once upon a time, if you wanted to develop applications in ColdFusion, you had to pay for any third party tools you needed - and you rarely got the source code. Things have changed! These days there are free and open source options right across the board to help you get your job done faster, cheaper and with more confidence. Find out how the burgeoning open source community can help you - and, perhaps, how you can help the open source community in return!
This is a brand new talk that looks at the huge surge in Open Source projects and tools surrounding our community, including 4CFF, RIAForge and other resources.

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