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The demise of OpenCFML

July 22, 2010 ·

By now, many of you will have read Adam Lehman's blog post that Adobe is no longer part of the CFML Advisory Committee. Adam has disabled comments on that post and folks have been asking me all morning for my take on this so, as chair of the committee, I'm going to post my thoughts - and leave comments open so the community can provide feedback.

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Railo and for loop compatibility

July 19, 2010 ·

Railo has long supported for-in script loops over structures and arrays but with the appearance of ColdFusion 9.0.1, Railo has changed for-in over arrays to be compatible with Adobe's new feature.

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Interviewed by Dan Wilson for DZone

February 09, 2010 ·

Back at CFinNC, I sat down with Dan Wilson for an informal 15 minute interview about standardization, open source and my thoughts about CFML. DZone published the video today. Watch Dan Wilson interviews Sean Corfield on DZone!

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Improving CFSCRIPT

December 29, 2009 ·

One of the new features in Adobe's ColdFusion 9 release that has excited a lot of developers is the broad range of enhancements to CFML's "other" language: CFSCRIPT. In the past, I've been very disparaging about CFSCRIPT and I've gone so far as to say in several public - and private - forums that I felt CFSCRIPT should be deprecated and no further effort spent on it. It was always a bit half-baked with weird restrictions and lots of important features missing. It was annoying to use, because you often had to switch back to CFML's tags to get things done. With increased use of CFCs, the restrictions in CFSCRIPT made it even more painful to use because you could not specify function arguments easily in CFSCRIPT - no types, no defaults - and you couldn't express a function's access or return type.

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CFUnited is almost here

August 11, 2009 ·

Since several people have asked, I get into CFUnited on Wednesday morning, hopefully in time for the keynote. I got a good deal on a red eye from San Francisco - it's non-stop and I hate burning daylight traveling. I've already posted my intended session schedule (PDF) so you can track me down easily although I do have a couple of client meetings to fit in and time on the Railo booth. Yes, Railo are sponsoring CFUnited and we'll be there at the Railo booth with schwag to give away, a sign-up sheet for folks interested in our consulting services and, of course, Gert, Mark, Peter and myself to answer all your questions about the Railo server as well. I'm giving my Living in the Cloud presentation on Wednesday afternoon (last session before dinner) and again on Saturday (last session of the conference). I'm also hosting a CFML Advisory Committee BoF on Wednesday night where you can hear what we've been up to over the last year since the committee was formed and hear about our plans for the future. There are going to be some interesting announcements at CFUnited that will affect lots of CF developers. See you Wednesday!

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My CFUnited 2009 Schedule

August 03, 2009 ·

I tweeted my schedule recently but figured I'd also post it here for folks to discover where to find me next week - OMG! It's next week! So, here is my CFUnited schedule (PDF). I'm speaking on Wednesday (5:30pm) and Saturday (4:15pm) and I'm also hosting a BOF on Wednesday evening: The CFML Advisory Committee - Happy First Birthday!

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CFML2009, ColdFusion, Railo and Open BlueDragon

July 09, 2009 ·

I've talked about the CFML Advisory Committee before and explained that we're working on a specification for the ColdFusion Markup Language that we hope to release this year as CFML2009 and then review every two years. CFML2009 is intended to be a specification of what the language should be by the end of this year. Ben Forta just posted about some CFML enhancements coming soon in ColdFusion 9 but he didn't mention that many of these will be embodied in the CFML2009 spec. I figured it was worth looking at some of the items in his blog post through the lens of the Advisory Committee. Where these features are deemed "core" by the Advisory Committee, expect all CFML engines to provide them fairly quickly. Some features are supported already by one or more vendor, some are new to all three vendors.

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Help the Committee - Summary

June 13, 2009 ·

After the "Help the CFML Advisory Committee" thread got so long (145 comments at the time of writing this!), some folks asked for a summary. I just posted a detailed summary with explanations to the committee mailing list. Here's an abbreviated summary:
  • In first place with 18 votes was: introduce a set of objects!
  • In second place with 11 votes: use pure function notation using body= and sql= to pass in strings to mail() and query() respectively.
  • In third place with 9 votes: tagname(attributes) { writeOutput("string"); logic(); writeOutput("string"); }
  • In fourth place, a new idea, with 6 votes: introduce E4X syntax to allow tags in script.
  • In last place, my poor, unloved favorite, with just 4 votes: tag { }
Since we still need to handle custom tag invocation somehow, my recommendation to the committee is to look more deeply at the function notation, with a view to adding a form of cfimport that introduces a prefix/taglib so custom tags could be invoked as:
pfx:mytag(a=1,b=2,body="this is the body");
which would be equivalent to:
<pfx:mytag a="1" b="2">this is the body</pfx:mytag>
Without the body attribute, it would be a simple tag invocation like this:
<pfx:mytag a="1" b="2">
Thank you everyone for contributing to the thread! I'll keep you posted on what the committee decides to do next on this tough issue.

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Review of cf.Objective() 2009

May 19, 2009 ·

I've almost recovered from this year's cf.Objective() so I wanted to get my thoughts on paper before the memory blurs too much. As usual, it was an excellent conference with top-quality sessions from top-quality speakers. It's the only conference that I would pay to attend - and would pay out of my own pocket if I had to. I learn plenty of new things at cf.Objective() every year and the networking is phenomenal because it's a relatively small, friendly conference (around 200 attendees this year).

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Help the CFML Advisory Committee!

May 18, 2009 ·

Lately, the committee has been looking at proposals to extend CFSCRIPT so that components can be written entirely in CFSCRIPT instead of requiring tags. Adobe has been the main driver for the proposals but other committee members have been providing their share of ideas and suggestions when we get stuck (or don't like Adobe's proposals). Right now, we have a pretty solid definition of how CFSCRIPT should work so that you can write entire components. Mostly it follows what you may have seen Adobe show off at conferences but Adobe is still making changes in response to feedback from the committee (and its own banks of prerelease testers, I'm sure) and some of Adobe's suggestions were considered vendor-specific by the committee. But we're stuck on a couple of tags that we're really struggling to define in CFSCRIPT. We'd like you to help us make some decisions here!

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