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CFUnited 2009 - My Thoughts

September 16, 2009 ·

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I started writing up my experience of CFUnited 2009 but it turned into a giant essay as I was going into a lot more detail than I'm sure anyone would really care about. So here's the condensed version: CFunited 2009 was awesome! OK, you probably want a bit more detail than that so read on.

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Railo at CFUnited

September 14, 2009 ·

It's a month since CFUnited and I haven't yet posted my thoughts on the conference. I started writing but it turned into an essay and I'm not sure it's worth posting in its entirety, especially since many others have posted their reviews (mostly all glowing - and rightly so!). I will post a brief review of the conference soon - it's on my Things to-do list and everything on that list gets done (eventually). The other overdue blog post on my Things to-do list covers what it was like to be a sponsor at CFUnited. A first for me (sort of). I've been attending (and speaking) at CFUnited since it was CFUN'04 (when I covered the use of Mach-II at Macromedia). Sure, Macromedia and Adobe have been regular sponsors but that is the ColdFusion product team and I was going independently as part of another team - the joys of a big company - so I never felt I was a sponsor (I never worked for the ColdFusion product team - even tho' a lot of people seem to think I did!). This year - 2009 - Railo was a silver sponsor of CFUnited and so I spent quite a bit of time around the Railo "booth" talking to attendees.

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BACFUG - Living in the Cloud

August 18, 2009 ·

This week - tomorrow in fact - I'll be giving a re-run of my CFUnited talk "Living in the Cloud" at BACFUG. You can read about the talk - and RSVP! - on BACFUG's Adobe Groups website. See you there!

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Living in the Cloud slides posted

August 16, 2009 ·

Where? On SlideSix of course! Created by Todd Sharp (using ColdFusion and Flex) and lauded by everyone who uses it, SlideSix was featured in Joe Rinehart's day two keynote as an inspirational example to all CFML developers about what is possible. So, here's my Living in the Cloud presentation on SlideSix.

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CFUnited is over - Wow!

August 16, 2009 ·

So it's Sunday and I'm back home after an intense four days in the Washington DC area at CFUnited 2009. Hard to believe it's over and I'm still digesting the presentations and the information I picked up during the (excellent) networking opportunities. If you missed it this year, do whatever you can to attend next year (especially if it returns to this fabulous location). I'll be collecting my thoughts later today and writing up a (very long) blog entry about my experiences at the conference. In the meantime, thank you speakers for the great sessions, thank you attendees for all those discussions in hallways - and the bar! - and thank you especially Liz, Nafisa and the rest of the Stellr team for an awesome event!

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CFUnited is almost here

August 11, 2009 ·

Since several people have asked, I get into CFUnited on Wednesday morning, hopefully in time for the keynote. I got a good deal on a red eye from San Francisco - it's non-stop and I hate burning daylight traveling. I've already posted my intended session schedule (PDF) so you can track me down easily although I do have a couple of client meetings to fit in and time on the Railo booth. Yes, Railo are sponsoring CFUnited and we'll be there at the Railo booth with schwag to give away, a sign-up sheet for folks interested in our consulting services and, of course, Gert, Mark, Peter and myself to answer all your questions about the Railo server as well. I'm giving my Living in the Cloud presentation on Wednesday afternoon (last session before dinner) and again on Saturday (last session of the conference). I'm also hosting a CFML Advisory Committee BoF on Wednesday night where you can hear what we've been up to over the last year since the committee was formed and hear about our plans for the future. There are going to be some interesting announcements at CFUnited that will affect lots of CF developers. See you Wednesday!

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My CFUnited 2009 Schedule

August 03, 2009 ·

I tweeted my schedule recently but figured I'd also post it here for folks to discover where to find me next week - OMG! It's next week! So, here is my CFUnited schedule (PDF). I'm speaking on Wednesday (5:30pm) and Saturday (4:15pm) and I'm also hosting a BOF on Wednesday evening: The CFML Advisory Committee - Happy First Birthday!

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CF9/CFBuilder at CFUnited

July 21, 2009 ·

Adobe's sessions at CFUnited have been announced. In addition to the keynote, there are a dozen sessions on ColdFusion 9 and ColdFusion Builder! Adam Lehman kicks off with a general "What's New" talk on Wednesday after lunch and Ryan Stewart will showcase what you can do with CF9/FX4 together. Thursday and Friday are the main events with five sessions on each day! Half a dozen of the ColdFusion engineering team will be over from Bangalore to speak about features they helped develop so you can get the information right from the horse's mouth! In addition, Terry Ryan and Adam will also be giving sessions on some of the new features. I think the highlights for me will be Manju Kiran's "Advanced ORM" on Thursday afternoon and Hemant's "Insider's Guide" on Friday afternoon but Adam's "Building Extensions with CFML" (for CFBuilder) and Hareni and Terry covering "Working w/MS Office, Sharepoint and Exchange", both on Friday morning, also look very interesting. If you're new to Eclipse, Bhakti and Dipanwita's "Getting Start (Bring Your Laptop)" session on CFBuilder should be gold. See the CFUnited blog post for more details.

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Win a ticket to CFUnited!

July 14, 2009 ·

Starting tomorrow (Wednesday), Railo are running a Twitter-based competition to win a ticket to this year's CFUnited conference. Read the Railo blog entry for the rules!

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CFML2009, ColdFusion, Railo and Open BlueDragon

July 09, 2009 ·

I've talked about the CFML Advisory Committee before and explained that we're working on a specification for the ColdFusion Markup Language that we hope to release this year as CFML2009 and then review every two years. CFML2009 is intended to be a specification of what the language should be by the end of this year. Ben Forta just posted about some CFML enhancements coming soon in ColdFusion 9 but he didn't mention that many of these will be embodied in the CFML2009 spec. I figured it was worth looking at some of the items in his blog post through the lens of the Advisory Committee. Where these features are deemed "core" by the Advisory Committee, expect all CFML engines to provide them fairly quickly. Some features are supported already by one or more vendor, some are new to all three vendors.

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