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D2WC, FW/1, Railo Training

July 07, 2011 ·

Back in early May I talked about presenting FW/1 at D2WC, the upcoming Designer/Developer Workflow Conference in Kansas City, MO. I was really looking forward to visiting a new city and trying out a new approach to presenting. Unfortunately, personal issues have conspired to rob me of that opportunity and I'm no longer able to make the trip. Fortunately, my esteemed colleague at Railo, Mark Drew, has agreed to take over my talk at very short notice so you can still look forward to:

  • An introductory talk about FW/1 by a stout, bald bloke with a funny account - you'll hardly know the difference!
  • Sponsorship by Railo Technologies, with a key staff member on site to answer all of you Railo questions and, hopefully, encourage you to let the Railo consulting team help solve your CFML problems!

What's new is the opportunity to take advantage of the comprehensive Railo Server Administration training course that Mark is running after the conference!

If you haven't registered for D2WC, there's still time. The conference offers an unparalleled blend of designer/developer topics focused on workflow and a host of expert speakers. I'm dead jealous of those of you attending!

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D2WC - Something Different

May 07, 2011 ·

Next week is cf.Objective() 2011 and it's pretty typical of conferences that I've spoken at over the years: heavily focused on developers (and heavily focused on CFML). In July, however, I'm doing something very different and I'm really looking forward to it: D2WC - Designer Developer Workflow Conference!

Accordingly, instead of a technical presentation - often on an advanced subject - I'm going to attempt a truly introductory talk that focuses on how to move from design to a fully functional dynamic web site. I'll be drawing on presentations from AJ Mercer - at last year's cf.Objective(ANZ) - and Daria Norris - at next week's cf.Objective(). I want to thank them for their support of FW/1 and I want to thank Dee Sadler for giving me the opportunity to do something different by letting me speak in Kansas City in mid-July!

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