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East Bay CFUG - ColdFusion Builder Special Event - April 6th

April 05, 2010 ·

Tomorrow evening, I'll be presenting ColdFusion Builder as part of the East Bay CFUG's Special ColdFusion Builder Event. If you're a CF developer in San Francisco Bay Area and can make it to Oakland Tuesday April 6th, RSVP and come along and see ColdFusion Builder live and get all your questions answered (well, as many questions as I can answer!). I'm not an Adobe insider and I bought ColdFusion Builder with my own dollars so this won't be a marketing preso. Come and find out why I love ColdFusion Builder!

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East Bay CFUG August Recording

August 05, 2009 ·

I really enjoyed last night's EBCFUG meeting! Charlie Griefer laid out some discussion points for "Why Use a Framework?" and then everyone talked about the pros and cons in the context of each point. It was a great discussion with some really interesting experiences being shared. Charlie has posted the audio recording on his blog, so everyone can listen along. He plans for future meetings to follow the same interactive / collaborative approach as the first two and it really is a nice change from the lecture format most of us are used to at CFUGs. If you're a CF developer in the East Bay, you should join EBCFUG!

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East Bay CFUG August Meeting

August 03, 2009 ·

The East Bay CFUG meets tomorrow (Tuesday August 4th) in Pleasanton, CA. It's a roundtable discussion about why you would - or would not - use a framework so it could be a very lively and interesting session! See you there I hope? See link for more details / RSVP.

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East Bay CFUG Needs You!

July 10, 2009 ·

Charlie Griefer, manager of the East Bay CFUG, kicked off the July meeting with his vision of what he hopes the EBCFUG will develop into to: an interactive group with a good social network. He hopes to see more meetings based on hands-on labs and a regular post-meeting social event that allows members to talk about issues and get feedback from the group. For the July meeting, Charlie presented Balsamiq Mockups, a fascinating tool to enable collaboration with clients on user interface / user experience aspects of a project. After a brief slideshow and demo, Charlie turned it over to the members to explore the AIR desktop app and the online demo. This was very valuable experience and much better than a regular "lecture". If you want to get "hands-on" with ColdFusion and related technologies, this could be the user group for you!

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East Bay CFUG back on track!

June 23, 2009 ·

Charlie Griefer has found a new location for East Bay CFUG (in Pleasanton) so the group will be meeting in July to refocus and move forward. If you're an East Bay CFer, you should make sure you attend!

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East Bay CFUG looking for feedback

April 20, 2009 ·

The next meeting of the East Bay CFUG is May 5th and manager Charlie Griefer is looking for your input on topics! He's planning a half-and-half meeting with 30 minutes dedicated to an overview of Balsamiq's mockup tool and the other 30 minutes dedicated to a topic of your choice. Go to his blog posting on Adobe Groups and offer some suggestions!

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Two Bay Area ColdFusion User Groups!

March 19, 2009 ·

I'm very pleased to report that the Bay Area has not just one ColdFusion User Group but two! In addition to BACFUG, which has been around longer than the user group program itself, we now have the East Bay CFUG courtesy of Charlie Griefer (Amcom) and James Morrow (Planitax). The inaugural meeting of the East Bay CFUG will be Tuesday, April 7th, hosted by Planitax in Alameda. It's a great facility - Planitax hosted BACFUG's meeting last night - so you can expect meetings to be broadcast and recorded if you're remote and a chance at foosball and darts if you turn up in person!

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