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Adobe ColdFusion Anthology features FW/1

May 04, 2010 ·

Apress just released the Adobe ColdFusion Anthology - a 528 page collection of the best of Fusion Authority, edited and updated for the long-lived book format. I was one of the three technical reviewers (along with Mark Mandel and Brian Kotek) as well as a contributing author, so I'm personally very pleased to see this book out in the wild.

I have 3 chapters in the book:

  • "Say What?" Handling Unknown Messages with onMissingMethod()
  • Beans and DAOs and Gateways, Oh My!
  • FW/1: The Invisible Framework

The latter was written recently for inclusion in the book. The other two are probably my favorites among the articles I've written for Fusion Authority over the years.

I'm biased of course, but I highly recommend this book - I hope you buy a copy and find it useful!

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My Thoughts on MAX 2008

December 01, 2008 ·

Fusion Authority published My Thoughts on MAX 2008 today.
Overall, MAX 2008 was a good experience. It was extremely well-run and well-organized. The location was excellent. There was a huge amount of content, even if not much of it appealed to me directly.
Read the full article for more detail!

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November 15, 2008 ·

Fusion Authority Quarterly Update 7 (Volume 3, Issue 1) is now available! You can order a print or PDF subscription and there are options to order a year's subscription with all back issues as well, in case you haven't gotten around to subscribing yet. It's a very high quality journal and makes a great reference work for your bookshelf within reach of your computer. FAQU 7 focuses on data with articles on (getting and exposing data via) web services, type validation, stored procedures and views, system tables, data mapping, data manipulation for Excel and Blaze Data Services. In addition, Doug Hughes provides an introduction to Model-Glue 3: Gesture and Mike Henke explains how to get the best performance out of Eclipse.

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Win a year's subscription to FAQU!

July 02, 2008 ·

The contest is closed - seven entries came in within 90 minutes! The first correct entry was from David @ TLA Video who wins the year's subscription!
I just renewed my annual subscription to Fusion Authority Quarterly Update but because I'm a (fairly) regular author and I'm also on the "staff" (as the Curmudgeon!) I get multiple copies of each issue anyway for promotion purposes. I pay my subscription to support the journal anyway but after talking to Judith at Fusion Authority, she thought it might be fun to run a little contest for someone to benefit from the subscription I pay for but essentially don't use! So Fusion Authority in conjunction with An Architect's View is offering a year's free subscription to FAQU to the first person to contact me with the answer to this simple question: How many full articles have I written for FAQU so far and what were they called?

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FAQU 5 focus on ColdFusion 8

February 22, 2008 ·

You can now purchase FAQU Volume 2 Issue 3 (aka FAQU 5) which focuses on ColdFusion 8 with some great articles on major features and shorter columns on important minor features. FAQU is a great journal - everyone I show it to is very impressed and usually subscribes pretty much straight away. I highly recommend it!

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cf-oop list on House Of Fusion

April 01, 2007 ·

As part of the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update series, House Of Fusion are launching mailing lists tied to the focus of each issue. Right now you can already subscribe to cf-oop, associated with FAQU 2, and seo, associated with the business theme of FAQU 3.

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Hal Helms on ColdFusion

December 05, 2006 ·

Fusion Authority has published an interesting editorial by Hal Helms, scheduled for inclusion in FAQU 3. The editorial is based on the keynote piece Hal did at cf.Objective() 2006 and also echoes views he has expressed on his Out Loud podcast (episode 32 I think). Hal was an early advocate of adding Java-like features to ColdFusion but has changed his position for a number of reasons and thinks ColdFusion's success depends on allowing developers to innovate quickly, which means providing unique features that help get certain types of job done quickly. I like the article but I don't think it's really a "new vision" (as its title claims) because ColdFusion has always been about providing unique features that help developers innovate quickly. For a contrasting view, read Vince Bonfanti's evaluation of Hal's article - and Hal responds in the comments (in fact, the whole comment thread is very interesting!).

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December 01, 2006 ·

The Fusion Authority Quarterly Update, Issue 2, is shipping to subscribers according to Michael's article on the FA website. It's a packed edition - 120 pages of frameworks and OO information. If you're not already a subscriber (I am!), you really need to hurry along and subscribe to FAQU!

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Fusion Authority Quarterly Update Fall 2006

October 22, 2006 ·

Have you subscribed to the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update yet? Why not? It's a high-quality, information-packed journal that is light on adverts and heavy on technical material you can use. Issue 1 (Summer 2006) covered a lot of things in ColdFusion MX 7 that you might be missing, written by developers who are reaping a lot of benefits from those features. Issue 2 (Fall 2006) will cover OOP and frameworks and I can tell you that it'll be a great issue and a must-have journal! How do I know it's so great? Because I've been involved with reviewing all of the content over the last several weeks. A huge amount of work has gone into creating a very professional, feature-packed issue that is beautifully designed and easy to read. Props to the editorial and design team behind it. So hurry over to the Fusion Authority site and subscribe - and pick up a copy of Issue 1 while stocks last!

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Fusion Authority Quarterly Update

July 05, 2006 ·

I've been a little remiss in not blogging this earlier but I really wanted to read through it and speak from a somewhat authoritative point of view. One of the major events at CFUNITED was the launch of the Fusion Authority Quarterly Update, a high-quality, perfect-bound digest-size ColdFusion journal, produced by Judith and Michael Dinowitz and their team of "elves". The introductory issue was freely distributed at the conference but this is going to be a paid subscription journal (I already paid my $50 for my first year's subscription). The first issue mostly covers ColdFusion MX 7 features that you may not be taking advantage of: Application.cfc, Flash forms, Reporting and the Asynchronous Event Gateway. There are also (what will be) regular columns covering the state of ColdFusion and hints and tips, as well as a section covering leading edge techniques and concepts. The first issue covers duck typing, test-driven development and Model-Glue: Unity. There is also a great introductory article on CFEclipse. The journal is beautifully put together - layout and color contribute to the readability of every article. There are just a handful of subtle adverts throughout the journal. If you're serious about keeping your skills up to date, you need to subscribe to this journal (and, if you missed the introductory issue, opt to buy it for $14.95!). I have several copies that I will be giving away at BACFUG (in August, probably, since I most likely will be down in San Jose for the July meeting). That should convince you to subscribe. As I said above, I've already paid my $50 for the next few issues - you should too!

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