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Community and Licensing

May 09, 2008 ·

Daemon is considering changing the license for FarCry 5.0 from Common Public License 1.0 (CPL) to a dual licensing model with GPLv3 and commercial options. Jeff Coughlin interviews Geoff Bowers of Daemon about this possible change and what it might mean for FarCry users and developers.

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Frameworks, Frameworks Everywhere

May 09, 2008 ·

Kay Smoljak is running a series of interviews with framework developers and has a summary article on SitePoint that includes a survey of people's framework usage. It's going to be a great series of articles and makes interesting reading (FarCry and COOP have been covered so far with Fusebox, Mach-II, Transfer and ColdBox coming soon - and Model-Glue and ColdSpring et al to follow). The survey will only be open for a few more days so rush over and make your voice heard!

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Which is the greatest ColdFusion framework?

April 12, 2008 ·

That's a question that crops up over and over again. I've blogged about it in the past. My answer - as I'm sure most folks would expect - is "it depends". The question came up on a mailing list again the other day and someone jumped in full of praise for ColdBox and then someone else said "Sean would say it depends" and went on to plug cf.Objective() as the "perfect place" to answer the question, wishing they could be there. Here's what I said in response:

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Fusebox Website Status

February 16, 2007 ·

Whilst I'm not leading the work on the new Fusebox website (that's Sandy Clark and Brian Kotek), I want to bring folks up to speed on what is happening behind the scenes so you get an idea of progress. First off, we're building out a completely new site - not just a new look'n'feel (see the design contest announcement) but a complete rebuild. We want to create a site that is easy to maintain and keep up to date, that allows the community to contribute articles and case studies, and that supports much more documentation. After a lot of discussion, the decision has been made to use a content management system and, rather than write our own, we've selected FarCry as the basis for the new site. The folks at TeraTech have set up a new server and installed FarCry 4 Beta 1 ("Gonzales") and our plan is to integrate the old site into that so that all the old URLs continue to work and that certain parts of the site which are very dynamic will remain powered by Fusebox. I've had some bad experiences with FarCry in the past, mostly because the installation is such a pain in the ass. Sandy Clark posted very detailed installations notes for the new FarCry beta and, by following those exactly, I was able to get it up and running in a pretty short space of time. The directory structure for FarCry 4 is about to change to make installation even easier - the FarCry team are working on that this week - and, whilst I still don't like the hard requirement for the web server mappings and a ColdFusion mapping, the process is definitely getting easier as FarCry matures. So I have a new instance of ColdFusion running on my laptop with FarCry 4 Beta 1 installed and Fusebox 5.1 and a copy of the current website. Since Fusebox allows your application to live in a different directory to your index.cfm file, it's easy to keep the old site outside the FarCry webroot (you just set FUSEBOX_APPLICATION_PATH to the relative path from index.cfm to the directory containing fusebox.xml.cfm etc). Having the FarCry application honor the original site's URLs is as easy as editing the FarCry site's Application.cfm file to intercept fuseaction= in the URL and include the Fusebox core files. If you're interested in playing with this yourself, you can follow Sandy's instructions and then checkout the work-in-progress from the branch in the Fusebox repository (that represents the fuseboxorg directory tree underneath the farcry folder if you've followed Sandy's instructions correctly).

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