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FW/1 2.5 is released!

May 25, 2014 ·

FW/1 2.5 is a migration release that paves the way for breaking changes in Release 3.0 later this year.

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FW/1 2.5 Release Candidate 2

May 17, 2014 ·

Release Candidate 2 of FW/1 2.5 is now available for testing. It is the default download from RIAForge now.

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FW/1 2.5 Release Candidate 1

January 31, 2014 ·

You can download it from the FW/1 Releases page.

This has some minor functionality additions to clean up some RC (request context) access that was identified by a user. Given the compatibility changes being setup by Release 2.5, this was a good opportunity to deprecate direct access to variables.rc inside the framework (possibly inside buildURL(), setupView(), and setupResponse()).

Check the release notes for a link to the closed issues in this release.

The documentation wiki has been updated to match the latest functionality. The UserManager example has been updated to "best practice" for 2.5. The other examples will be updated before 2.5 goes "gold".

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FW/1 2.5 Release Candidate 0

January 11, 2014 ·

You can download it from the FW/1 Releases page on Github.

I want to get this out there for folks to experiment with since it contains a fundamental change (regarding services).

FW/1 2.5 is a "release candidate" insofar as it is feature complete, but it is not yet documented, and the changes to the examples are not yet complete.

#151 Tracing changes:

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FW/1 2.2 Released!

December 18, 2013 ·

Framework One version 2.2 is now available for production use! You can download it from the Framework One page on RIAForge. This includes one bug fix over RC2 (interaction between renderData() and trace output).

The main focus of the 2.2 release is improved support for REST APIs, through the addition of renderData() to simplify returning JSON, XML and plain text results to the caller, as well as more sophisticated route handling via "resource packs" which let you define a family of related routes for a given resource type, using a shorthand notation. For more information, see this blog post about the latest FW/1 release and the roadmap.

As noted previously, the master branch is the current stable release (2.2), and the develop branch has become the next release (2.5). 2.5 will be released next month and will be a stepping stone toward some substantial changes coming in 3.0. For more detail, read this blog post explaining the changes coming in 2.5 and 3.0.

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FW/1 2.2 Release Candidate 2

December 02, 2013 ·

Framework One version 2.2 release candidate 2 is now available for testing (download from the Framework One page on RIAForge). This includes a couple of bug fixes, compared to release candidate 1. See the FW/1 2.2 RC2 release notes on Github for more details. Unless any showstopping bugs are found this week, the final 2.2 release will be made early next week, merged to master, and then develop will become the 2.5 branch.

See FW/1 Releases and Roadmap and FW/1 - The Year Ahead for more information about the upcoming 2.2, 2.5 and 3.0 releases, as well as plans for DI/1.

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FW/1: The Year Ahead

November 02, 2013 ·

With FW/1 Version 2.2 just around the corner - after a long time in incubation - and FW/1 itself being almost four and a half years old, it's a good time to look ahead at what's in store.

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FW/1 Releases and Roadmap

November 02, 2013 ·

FW/1 Version 2.2 Release Candidate 1 and a maintenance release for FW/1 1.3 (Compatibility Branch). For detailed changes, and more about the roadmap, read on...

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FW/1 0.2.1 (for Clojure) released

August 19, 2013 ·

Framework One for Clojure version 0.2.1 is available.

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Where can I download old versions of FW/1?

May 07, 2013 ·

I've been asked this several times recently so I figured it was worth a blog post. First of, why would anyone want older versions of the framework? Well, if they're running on Adobe ColdFusion 9.0.0 or earlier, they can't use the 2.x release stream: they're stuck on 1.x. Also, if they're currently using an old version and don't want a major upgrade, they might want a minor upgrade for a bug fix.

Okay, so why haven't I blogged about this before? Truth be told, I thought it was "obvious" how to find specific legacy releases on any Github project. Apparently, it is not obvious for everyone so it is worth blogging about. Every properly managed project on Github tags every official release so that all past releases can be found on the 'tags' page. You can see FW/1's 'tags' page where you can find every release since 1.0. Unfortunately, my choice of naming for tags has not always been consistent and I forgot the 'v' prefix for a while around the release of 2.0. Oops. Unfortunately the typical naming convention for prereleases tends to sort them above their gold release versions - see Clojure's core.logic library's tags for a more striking example. At least Github provides an easy mechanism for provided tagged archive releases.

It's probably worth pointing out that downloading FW/1 directly from the FW/1 RIAForge project page will give you the latest stable release which is currently 2.1.1. That's because it downloads a ZIP file of the "master" branch from the Github site. All development is performed on the "develop" branch. The only time the RIAForge site will slip you something different is when a new release is in the Release Candidate stage and I update the RIAForge page to download a ZIP file of the "develop" branch - and I update the page to clearly state that! - and this is to increase adoption of the new release and help flush out any remaining bugs that haven't been caught during the alpha and beta testing phases.

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