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cf.Objective() 2010 - Great Pre-Conference Classes!

February 03, 2010 ·

This year's cf.Objective() is offering SIX pre-conference classes! You can choose from Building Secure CFML Applications, ColdBox: 100 Training, Developing Applications with ColdFusion 9 ORM, Getting Started with Flex / AIR Development, Mach-II / OOP from the Ground Up, Rapid Development with Model-Glue 3! Wow! Some of these are one-day courses (Wednesday April 21st) and some are two-day courses (Tuesday April 20th and Wednesday April 21st).

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Model-Glue 3 Beta Available

May 13, 2009 ·

An official beta of Model-Glue 3 aka Gesture was announced yesterday. You can read about the new features in MG3 on the wiki (all new Model-Glue documentation!). For folks attending cf.Objective() 2009, there will be a Birds of a Feather session at 8pm on Friday night, led by Dan Wilson, which will introduce the beta and discuss the new features.

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More cf.Objective() schedule updates

May 01, 2009 ·

As the conference draws near, we're finalizing speakers for the final few slots in the schedule and the Saturday schedule is now completely fleshed out with Mark Drew's morning session being focused on Model-Glue (in the absence of Joe Rinehart this year, Mark is covering Model-Glue and Brian Kotek is taking over Joe's open source Java in ColdFusion talk) and two exciting new topics in the 3pm slots: Samer Sadek will be explaining how to construct scalable services for Flex using ColdFusion and Pete Freitag will be looking at the CF Administrator and showing how to improve the security of your server. We still have three speakers marked "TBD" (Working with Transfer, Service Oriented Architecture and Adobe's 'Flex topic') but we expect to announce those in the next few days. There are still two BOF slots available for RIA topics if anyone wants to lead a session!

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Scotch on the Road topic change

April 22, 2009 ·

Since Mark Drew was also covering cloud computing in London, we've decided to offer a version of my framework comparison talk instead. I'm looking forward to that first week of June despite the crazy travel schedule (I arrive Sunday afternoon and fly back the following Saturday, hopping from Edinburgh to Heathrow on a horribly early flight).

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Installing Frameworks via the Railo Administrator

April 17, 2009 ·

One of the neat features of the Railo Administrator console is that you can easily install pre-packaged applications with just a few clicks. As part of my recent presentation comparing application frameworks, I installed ColdBox, ColdSpring, Mach-II and Model-Glue via the Web Administrator. There are a couple of "gotchas" about the current default settings for those installations that I wanted to cover in a blog post.

[

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Comparing Application Frameworks recording

April 16, 2009 ·

Last night I presented to BACFUG on ColdBox, Mach-II and Model-Glue. I just posted the recording of the presentation to Charlie Arehart's UGTV. I've edited the recording to remove some of the chatter at the beginning and end which is why it will seem to jump in without my usual biographic introduction and cuts off at the start of Q&A.

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BACFUG - April 15th - Comparing Application Frameworks

April 15, 2009 ·

BACFUG meets tonight in Alameda, hosted by Planitax (thank you!), and the featured speaker will be me! I'll be looking at ColdBox, Mach-II and Model-Glue - talking about their similarities and their differences - and showing demos of each framework. Please see the event listing on Adobe Groups for more details and to RSVP (you must login with your Adobe ID to RSVP!).

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Is Model-Glue Dead?

March 23, 2009 ·

Back in Summer 2005, Peter J. Farrell asked is Mach-II dead? There had been very little action on the framework for ages and Model-Glue was the "new kid on the block" and was surging in popularity. A few days later, he proclaimed Mach-II is dead as a call to arms. The result was that Matt Woodward took over the Mach-II project and Peter became lead developer. Since then Mach-II has gone from strength to strength with 1.8 in development now and 2.0 in the planning stage.

[

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CFUNITED 2009 - Initial Topics Announced

December 23, 2008 ·

Liz has announced the first round of topics for CFUNITED 2009. It's an interesting mix of speakers - some old, some new - and a broad spectrum of subject matter. After CFUNITED 2008, Liz has promised lots of changes and improvements and we already know that the venue is something special and an all-in-one location (addressing a bit complaint about the last few years' conferences). One of the new changes for 2009 is that a quarter of the content will be Flex/AIR related, acknowledging the growth and increasing relevance of these technologies to ColdFusion developers at large. Some of the highlights (from my point of view) of the topics announced so far:
  • Flex development with the Swiz framework - Chris Scott
  • Railo Open Source - Gert Franz
  • Groovy for ColdFusion Developers - Joe Rinehart
  • iPhone Apps + Adobe ColdFusion - Josh Adams
  • ColdFusion, Model-Glue, Hibernate, Spring, and Groovy - Ray Camden
  • AIR: Building Desktop Applications with Flex 3 - Rob Rusher
  • Hack Proofing ColdFusion - Shlomy Gantz
Definitely not your father's CFUNITED!

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MAX and BACFUG November 19th

November 16, 2008 ·

Important: you must RSVP via the BACFUG website. We have a hard limit of 47 attendees - if you do not RSVP, you may well be turned away. If we get close to 47 RSVPs, I will post again on my blog! MAX 2008 will be upon us soon and this year it coincides with our regular 3rd Wednesday for BACFUG. Accordingly, we have a special meeting with two presentations by speakers who are in town for MAX! Bill Shelton and Marc Esher - creators of the awesome MXUnit testing framework - will be presenting "Unit Testing with MXUnit". Unit testing talks have proved very popular at BACFUG in the past and MXUnit has really raised the bar in terms of features and tools so it will be great to have the framework's creators speaking at MAX. Our second presentation will be related to Model-Glue 3 "Gesture" and will again be the framework's creator, the amazing Joe Rinehart. Joe has hinted that he will be tailoring the talk toward integration with powerful Java technologies, along the lines of what we have achieved at Broadchoice. BACFUG is free and open to everyone - both regular locals (who may or may not be attending MAX) and all those CFers who are in town for MAX! However, we need you to RSVP on the BACFUG website so that we can figure out numbers and book a large enough room!

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