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Getting Started

June 03, 2014 ·

Sometimes it's very enlightening to look back at the beginning of a project to see how things got set up and how we started down the path that led to where we are today. In this post, I'm going to talk about the first ten tickets we created at World Singles as we kicked off our green field rewrite project five years ago.

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cf.Objective() 2013 - What I Learned

May 19, 2013 ·

It's Sunday afternoon after the best cf.Objective() ever and I'm looking over my notes to offer some thoughts on the last three days.

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Humongous MongoDB - cf.Objective() 2013 - Slides and Code online

May 18, 2013 ·

The slides and code for my third presentation at cf.Objective() 2013 are now online:

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ORM, NoSQL and Vietnam - cf.Objective() 2013 - Slides and Code online

May 16, 2013 ·

The slides and code for my second presentation at cf.Objective() 2013 are now online:

Updated with the correct PDF link - sorry about that!

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My cf.Objective() 2013 Presentations

May 12, 2013 ·

Other than noting back in January that all three(!) of my talk proposals were accepted, I haven't blogged about them since, so the only information about them is on the cf.Objective() web site. The session overviews give a fair sense of what you should get out of each presentation and roughly what they'll cover.

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congomongo 0.4.1 released

March 14, 2013 ·

CongoMongo (on Github) has just received a small update today, adding a few more advanced features:

  • read preference supported (per-connection, per-collection, per-fetch) - Niclas Meier
  • add-index! supports :background true/false - dwwoelfel
  • namespaced keyword keys in maps are roundtripped correctly - Adam Clements

See also CongoMongo on clojars.

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Hiring! Hiring!

January 20, 2013 ·

[UPDATED] Welcome to 2013 and at World Singles we are expanding our development team! We're looking for self-motivated people in two very different roles, working remotely from their home office.

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Speaking at cf.Objective() 2013

January 09, 2013 ·

I just got notified that my proposals for cf.Objective() 2013 were accepted. Here are the titles:

  • Learn You a What for Great Good?
  • ORM, noSQL and Vietnam
  • Humongous MongoDB

What are each of those about?

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Free Online MongoDB Courses

December 20, 2012 ·

I recently completed 10gen's MongoDB for Developers online course. It was the first time they had run the course so there were a few bumps in the road - and Superstorm Sandy closed 10gen's New York office for a while - but overall it went very smoothly, especially considering they had over 20,000 students sign up!

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Python came early

October 25, 2012 ·

I just posted that I'll be learning Python in 2013 and going to PyCon. I hadn't actually intended to start doing Python until January - but then I signed up for 10gen's MongoDB for Developers course...

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