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Another cf.Objective() is over - wow!

May 18, 2011 ·

This year's cf.Objective() was the biggest, most successful ever: more attendees, more speakers, more tracks, more content, more sponsors, lightning talks, BOFs, ad hoc sessions - more, more, more! Yet it still managed to maintain the great ratio of attendees to speakers that gives people a small conference feel with great networking opportunities.

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cf.Objective() 2011 presentations posted

May 14, 2011 ·

Now that I've given both of my presentations at this year's cf.Objective() - which was an awesome conference, BTW! - I have posted them both to the "Presentations" page on my blog.

Functional Programming: What is it and why should I care? - my one hour introductory talk from Saturday morning, showing Clojure and some functional style CFML.

Multi-Tenant, Multi-Lingual Architecture for Software as a Service - my two hour deep dive from Friday afternoon.

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BACFUG - Living in the Cloud - Recording

August 20, 2009 ·

The recording of my recent Living in the Cloud presentation to BACFUG is now available (and posted on Charlie Arehart's UGTV). Enjoy!

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BACFUG - Living in the Cloud

August 18, 2009 ·

This week - tomorrow in fact - I'll be giving a re-run of my CFUnited talk "Living in the Cloud" at BACFUG. You can read about the talk - and RSVP! - on BACFUG's Adobe Groups website. See you there!

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My cf.Objective() 2009 Schedule

May 11, 2009 ·

In the absence of a printable schedule - sorry, Joe Rinehart says it's a problem with the Media3 hosting and he's been trying to get them to fix it for months! - here is my schedule for cf.Objective() 2009:

[

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ColdFusion in the Cloud Revisited

January 09, 2009 ·

About a month ago, I talked about my experience of setting up clustered ColdFusion instances on EC2. Since then we have migrated the Broadchoice Web Platform completely from a regular data center, where it had lived since launch, to the Amazon cloud and now all of the * sites and all of our client sites based on the Web Platform are happily running in the cloud. We've been very pleased with the performance and stability of EC2 so far and we're comfortable about scaling out as demand increases. We took advantage of Amazon's EBS (Elastic Block Storage) that allows you to mount S3 storage directly as part of the file system on EC2. This essentially replaces the NAS we were using in the data center where all uploaded files were placed. We run two ColdFusion instances on a medium EC2 instance and run MySQL on a separate EC2 instance (actually on the instance that is currently running our AIR application, the Broadchoice Workspace for Salesforce, along with its MySQL database). We replicate the MySQL databases to another server (in a data center) so that we can restore / recover in the event of a problem with EC2. We also run scheduled backups of the EC2 instances to S3. As I noted in my earlier entry, we're using Apache and the JRun Connector to manage the two instance cluster and failover. I'm still suspicious of the connector due to past experience but so far it has been behaving well and when we restart instances for maintenance, we're generally seeing uninterrupted service, from a user's point of view, as requests silently failover to the other instance. If you're interested in running ColdFusion in the cloud, you'll need to talk to Adobe about licensing (either Adam Lehman or Kristen Schofield) but they are being very encouraging because they want this to happen. The more of us who do this, the better the argument they can present internally to get the EULA changed to support ColdFusion running in the cloud! If you want to learn more about how we handled the migration and/or what to watch out for when designing applications that run well on the cloud, feel free to contact me via this blog or directly (c'mon, you know my email address!).

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2008 in review

January 04, 2009 ·

As "usual", I start the year with a round-up of the highlights of last year, based on things that I blogged. It's been a strange year for me. After (seven) years with Macromedia / Adobe and most of 2007 spent freelancing, I took a full-time job with a startup and hired some amazing CFers to be part of my team. I (finally) learned Flex (and AIR). I learned a new language (Groovy) and did a lot less CFML programming than I've done in years while at the same time joining first the Open BlueDragon Steering Committee and then the CFML Advisory Committee, as well as attending more ColdFusion-related conferences than usual (cf.Objective(), Scotch on the Rocks, CFUNITED, Wee Dram of Scotch, MAX).

[

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Broadchoice Workspace showcased on Refreshing Apps

January 02, 2009 ·

James Whittaker recently featured the Broadchoice Workspace on his Refreshing Apps sites which is "a showcase and gallery that shows some of the fantastic Adobe AIR applications that are being developed today". He says "The application offers lots of functionality" and, in particular, praises the design:
When started this AIR application looks polished from the layout to the iconography used. There is a lot of functionality here but without the large button bars and menu options. The corporate colour palette mean this application will look right at home on the business desktop and the integration with Salesforce.
Nice to see our hard work getting some public chops. If you want to show your support, pop over to Refreshing Apps and vote for us (we're #3 at the moment with 4.4/5 votes but I'd like to see more votes!).

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ColdFusion in the Cloud (and clustering)

December 13, 2008 ·

This week has seen my focus shift back from ActionScript / Groovy to ColdFusion, although not specifically programming in CFML. A couple of blogs have been buzzing about the pros and cons (and plain ol' whys) of running ColdFusion in the cloud, such as on Amazon's EC2 service. Obviously you can run Open BlueDragon or Railo without worrying about cost but for many people, only Adobe ColdFusion will really do what they need and the current EULA does not really accommodate that (partly because the "per 2 CPU" aspect doesn't cover the Amazon situation where you simply don't know how many physical CPUs you actually have!).

[

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CFML in the Cloud

December 05, 2008 ·

I was just reading a couple of blog posts about deploying Open BlueDragon in the cloud (I started with Matt Woodward's extended blog post on cloud computing) and they've gone as far as integrating OpenBD into Elastic Server - a service that lets you easily configure a server instance based on a number of resources. Very impressive. Broadchoice Workspace is deployed on the cloud and whilst most of the machinery is Java/Groovy behind the Flex/AIR application, we also have the iPhone-compatible web version which is powered by CFML. It's a Model-Glue 3 / ColdSpring application that reuses the core Groovy services (via a Spring adapter that Joe Rinehart wrote). So we've been running CFML in the cloud in production for nearly two months now and it's working out really well for us. We're using Railo 3.0, another option for cloud computing. Adobe have said that cloud deployment is something they want to make possible with ColdFusion so at some point we'll have an embarrassment of riches in terms of choices for CFML in the cloud. Who else is using CFML in the cloud today? Who is thinking about doing so?

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