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Railo Volunteer Team Expands

June 10, 2010 ·

In order to support the vocal and enthusiastic community of CFML developers "down under", Railo has added a dedicated Community Manager volunteer for that region.

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Upcoming FW/1 Presentations!

January 07, 2010 ·

Here's a list of confirmed and potential Framework One presentations in date order:
  • January 12th - NYCFUG - Javier Julio
  • February 4th - CFMeetup - Sean Corfield - to be confirmed
  • February 17th - BACFUG - Sean Corfield
  • April 22-24 - cf.Objective() - Sean Corfield
The following presentations have been submitted but not yet confirmed:
  • May 6-7 - webDU - AJ Mercer
  • July 28-31 - CFUnited - Sean Corfield
After speaking to Dee Sadler, I'll also be submitting a different version of the presentation to: This is a Designer/Developer Workflow Conference and FW/1 is ideal for folks who want to build maintainable applications without having to learn a whole bunch of framework stuff just to get basic tasks done. Once I find out more details about Scotch on the Rocks 2010, I'll submit a FW/1 talk there as well.

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Transfer 1.0 RC 2

May 18, 2008 ·

Mark has just announce the second Release Candidate build of Transfer ORM 1.0. He's been holding back on this until Broadchoice confirmed that a particularly stack overflow error in the cache discard was fixed. We confirmed that today for him, after extensive testing - both human and automated. As many of you know - especially those who attended cf.Objective() - we hired Alagad to have Mike Brunt perform extensive load testing on our system, built with Model-Glue 2, ColdSpring and Transfer. One of the issues he found was a memory leak and Mark worked tirelessly with us prior to, throughout and after cf.Objective() to track it down and fix it. Mike helped us tune and debug our systems and I look forward to having him back to help us when we move to the next stage with our servers (as we investigate additional instances and more JVM tuning). So download and test Transfer 1.0 RC 2 and report any issues you find to Mark so that he can fix them in time for the 1.0 release at WebDU!

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webDU - call for papers!

October 22, 2007 ·

webDU 2008 is starting to roll and is calling for papers. As usual, it's at the Star City casino resort in Sydney (a great venue). I attended MXDU (as it was originally called) in 2004 and 2005 and it was one of the most vibrant web development conferences I'd ever been too - highly recommended! Currently flights from the Bay Area to Sydney are around $1,200 including taxes... hmm...

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webDU 2007 - Call for papers

October 08, 2006 ·

WebDU is happening again in Sydney next March and just issued its call for papers. It's a great conference and I've had the privilege of speaking at it twice (2004 & 2005). I was in the process of changing jobs (within Adobe) so I missed the 2006 conference and I'll miss the 2007 conference as well - my current role only allows me to support a maximum of two ColdFusion events per year and only in North America.

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WebDU - I was there after all!

March 07, 2006 ·

Thanx to Nectarine, I was there at WebDU, albeit virtually as part of one of their great Flash animations... Watch my cameo as Sgt Bosco "Don't Touch My Mac" Baracus. Aw, thanx guys! I'm touched!

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webDU 2006 - Agenda and Speakers

December 23, 2005 ·

webDU 2006 has posted its agenda and speaker list. Adobe is the platinum sponsor. Lots of good speakers from all around the world. If you're in that part of the world, it's a must-attend event so hurry up and register! Very bummed that I won't make it out there this year... Changing roles and personal commitments and so on mean that the timing is impossible for me...

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webDU 2006 (formerly MXDU)

October 13, 2005 ·

There's a shiny new webDU 2006 website with all the details of the conference, taking place at the beginning of March next year.

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MXDU 2006

August 31, 2005 ·

Geoff Bowers has announced the dates for MXDU 2006 - March 2nd & 3rd with a workshop on March 1st. My wife may be doing her first solo judging in Florida that weekend (4th/5th) so it's unlikely that I'll go to MXDU. Unless the mothership insists on sending me, of course... It's been a great conference the last two years - a lot of leading edge stuff getting showcased. Definitely worth attending, even if you're not normally in that part of the world!

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What Was Hot In 2004 For ColdFusion?

May 19, 2005 ·

Back in February, I attended MXDU and spoke at the Day Zero National Macromedia User Group meeting. I'd been going back and forth with Robin Hilliard about topics, and he suggested a retrospective look at 2004 based on what the CF blogs had been covering. I made a short presentation based on that idea and gave a 20 minute talk. I've finally got around to putting up the slides - just the slides, no audio - which you can watch via Breeze.

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