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2008 in review

January 04, 2009 ·

As "usual", I start the year with a round-up of the highlights of last year, based on things that I blogged. It's been a strange year for me. After (seven) years with Macromedia / Adobe and most of 2007 spent freelancing, I took a full-time job with a startup and hired some amazing CFers to be part of my team. I (finally) learned Flex (and AIR). I learned a new language (Groovy) and did a lot less CFML programming than I've done in years while at the same time joining first the Open BlueDragon Steering Committee and then the CFML Advisory Committee, as well as attending more ColdFusion-related conferences than usual (cf.Objective(), Scotch on the Rocks, CFUNITED, Wee Dram of Scotch, MAX).

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A Wee Keynote

September 26, 2008 ·

I said I'd blog more about Adam Lehman's keynote at A Wee Dram so here it is... Adam talked about the success of CF8 and the huge uptick in the number of developers since 2007 (I forgot to write down the name of the research company that provided that data but it was a third party, not Adobe). He said that the increase in interest and use of ColdFusion has meant that the lack of (good) developers was one of the primary problems that companies face. Claude Englebert, Adobe's EMEA CF specialist, confirmed that after meeting with companies all over Europe, CF is very strong but the problem is finding (good) developers. Adam talked a bit about the various advisory committees (both internal and the public CFML group that I chair) and the free-for-educational-use availability of CF8 from Next Adam ran through the proposed features for Centaur, including a few new things. He covered the language enhancements around cfscript and CFCs as well as touching on the Hibernate integration. Then he said that Adobe is considering how to expose all of the "services" inside CF as SOAP and AMF remote services. The idea is that it would allow clients to access the engines that drive CF's query, mail, document (PDF), imaging, charting, Exchange services etc. They are considering making AS3 libraries available that would allow Flex developers to easily call any of these services directly, making CF the back end of choice because of the rich functionality it adds to Flex. An interesting approach. He also said they are considering integrating BlazeDS more deeply into CF, not like the current optional LCDS Express install, but as a core part of CF which would open up the possibility of direct message handling via CFCs as well as potential improvements to AMF performance (since it would be tightly integrated with CF). As always, he encouraged folks to attend MAX to get a lot more information about Centaur (and hinted that MAX Europe would get more impressive demos than MAX North America due to the extra two weeks the team have to work on things).
Updated to correct URL for ColdFusion for education - thanx to Yancy Wharton for pointing that out!

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A Wee Dram of ColdFusion, part 2

September 26, 2008 ·

And so onto the afternoon's sessions... Mike Brunt's "High Availability" session covered the concepts of clustering and the pros and cons of JRun clustering (he prefers hardware load balancing so you get web servers in the mix rather than just app servers). He was happy to go off on audience-driven tangents about memory monitoring (e.g., the JRun logging options) and hand out general wisdom about clustering and performance based on his (extensive) experience over the years. Next up was my talk on branching and Subversion which seemed to go over pretty well (and the slides are available on my blog). Kurt Wiersma was next with his talk on building a solid development environment. He talked about best practices for setting up multiple tiers (dev, test, prod etc) as well as setting up a localhost environment based on multiple CF instances and a local DB. He went into some detail about configuring Apache and showed his local hosts file with lots of sites set up in it. Finally Gert Franz walked us through several of the new and interesting features of Railo 3.0 and the roadmap for Railo 3.1 and 3.2. The timeline is end of November for the open source Railo 3.1 to appear on with a series of 40-50 "Railo Extensions" (some of which will be commercial) that can be easily installed using the new "Extension Manager" (think 1-click installer for applications). Railo 3.2 will appear in summer 2009 and that will introduce Hibernate integration (following Adobe's lead - which is why it won't be in 3.1), JBoss Cache integration, reduced use of reflection (making Java interop performance much, much better) and adding as many of the Centaur language enhancements as they can (keeping core CFML compatibility across the products). It was a great event - kudos to Kev and Andy et al for organizing this at such short notice! I heard a number of people say that they learned a lot and enjoyed the relaxed structure (being able to drink pints of beer during the sessions seemed to be a big plus!). At the end, Kev and Andy unveiled their plans for Scotch 2009: a three city tour, with a cheap, one-day event in each of London, Edinburgh and Dublin. "We're bringing Scotch to you, the community" said Andy. I'm looking forward to it!

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Subversion Branching Preso Online

September 25, 2008 ·

My Subversion: Better Living Through Branches presentation is available as a PDF from my blog (under PRESOS).

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A Wee Dram of ColdFusion

September 25, 2008 ·

Adam Lehman kicked off the day with some upbeat news about ColdFusion 8 (about 75,000 new developers since 2007!) and then covered potential features for Centaur. I'll blog more about this later. Next up was Mark Drew, covering ColdSpring. A great introduction to basic ColdSpring then on to AOP and remote proxies. I acted as a "bean factory" that helped Mark get ready for work: he asked me for his jacket and I ensured that it contained his iPod and his cigarettes, which in turn meant adding his headphones and his lighter. His examples were amongst the best I've seen for introducing ColdSpring concepts. Peter Bell is up now, giving his Rapid OO talk - similar to what he did at Scotch. Some good, pragmatic advice about when to bend (or even break) the "rules" of OO that can make you more productive. After lunch, it's Mike Brunt (Clustering), me (Subversion branches), Kurt Wiersma (development environment) and Gert Franz (Railo 3.1). More on that later.

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Scotch on the Rocks 2009

September 05, 2008 ·

Details will be announced at A Wee Dram Of Scotch and attendees at that one day event will get a 10% discount on Scotch 2009 tickets!

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Thames Valley CFUG

September 05, 2008 ·

On October 1st, I'll be speaking at the UKCFUG about Design Patterns in ColdFusion. Thanx to Kevin Roche for setting that up. As mentioned before, I'll be giving the same talk at the Devon CFUG two days earlier and a talk on Subversion and branches at A Wee Dram Of Scotch on September 25th.

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A Wee Dram - location and more details

September 02, 2008 ·

A Wee Dram of Scotch has a location - The Square Pig in Holborn - and has posted the full schedule for the day:
  • Adobe Keynote - Adam Lehman and Claude Englebert
  • ColdSpring - Mark Drew
  • RAD Object-Oriented CFML Development - Peter Bell
  • High Availability: Clustering ColdFusion Applications - Mike Brunt
  • Subversion: Better Living Through Branches - Sean Corfield
  • Setting up a Solid Local Development Environment - Kurt Wiersma
  • Railo 3.1: The Open Source Story - Gert Franz
Gert is a new addition to the schedule - it'll be great to hear an update on Railo going open source! Mark's talk went over extremely well at cf.Objective() this year - if you're curious about ColdSpring or just starting down that path, this will be an excellent talk for you! Kurt's talk was also very well received at cf.Objective(), as was Mike's. Both talks have a lot of solid, "from the trenches" experience in them. Peter's talk was very well received at both Scotch on the Rocks and CFUNITED - I really enjoyed this talk at Scotch and learned a lot from it! Mine is a new talk I was planning for CFDevCon, that looks at how Broadchoice is using Subversion for more than just simple version control.

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A Wee Dram Of Scotch

August 27, 2008 ·

A one-day CFML event in London to fill the gap left by CFDevCon. Thursday 25th, September 2008. Adobe keynote, talks by Mark Drew, Peter Bell, Mike Brunt, myself and Andrew Shorten. And raffles (of course - since this event is organized by the makers of Scotch on the Rocks!). Price? A ten quid cash donation on the door which will get you two free drinks and a discount on Scotch on the Rocks 2009. If you were going to CFDevCon - or wanted to go but couldn't afford it - come along to A Wee Dram of Scotch and catch some of CFDevCon's speakers for the cost of a few drinks! More details will be posted on the Wee Dram website shortly!

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