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FW/1 2.5 Release Candidate 2

May 17, 2014 ·

Later than planned, FW/1 2.5 RC2 is finally available for testing! You can download FW/1 2.5 RC2 from Github and it is also the default download from FW/1's page on RIAForge.

You can read the complete list of closed tickets for Release 2.5 for more details on features added (or removed) in this release.

Changes since RC1: trace now has delta column showing time taken (thank Ryan Guill); environment control is now able to affect many more basic configuration items, including tracing; ColdFusion 11 / Railo 4.2 compatibility (string member function workaround); bean factories are fully cleared on a reload (Brian Fitzgerald); all examples updated to remove deprecated features.

DI/1 0.5.0 is included (as framework.ioc), along with the WireBoxAdapter.cfc (also in the framework/ folder), and all the examples that used any sort of bean factory have been updated to use DI/1 instead.

All the examples have been updated to use script-only CFCs, with the exception of userManagerAccessControl which I just couldn't summon up the energy to tackle this morning. It will get converted before 2.5 goes "Gold" since it will dramatically simplify the code (especially the beans!).

Migration from 2.2.1

The service() call has been deprecated, as have start/end action items. Global access to rc in Application.cfc has also been deprecated. If you just drop 2.5 into your setup and you rely on these features, you'll get exceptions explaining how to enable these features for backward compatibility, namely add the following to your framework configuration:

	enableGlobalRC = true,
	suppressServiceQueue = false

The ability to enable the implicit service calls is still present via:

	suppressImplicitService = false

but, like the other two options, defaults to disallowing the deprecated feature.

If you enable these deprecated features, you will no longer get exceptions using them, but you will see deprecation warnings in your application server's console log. This is to remind you to update your code in preparation for 3.0 later this year!

Please note that Release 3.0 will completely remove these backward compatibility options - and the associated deprecated features. In addition, org.corfield.framework will move to in Release 3.0, alongside framework.ioc.

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