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Hiring! Hiring!

January 20, 2013 ·

This is an updated version of my original post from the beginning of January...

Welcome to 2013 and at World Singles we are expanding our team! We're looking for self-motivated people in two very different roles, working remotely from their home office.

We use Macs on the desktop and deploy to Linux on the server, so we expect you to be comfortable with the command line. Our stack is Apache, Tomcat, Railo (CFML), Clojure, MySQL and MongoDB, so those are skills we'll favor in candidates (in the QA role). We like tests, we like automation, and we like rapid release cycles, so you should too. You can read more about the individual roles by following the links (to Craig's List) and that's also how you can apply for the positions.

What's it like to work at World Singles? We have a great team and we enjoy our work - "cultural fit" is very important here. We run a number of the leading ethnic and lifestyle matchmaking communities - yes, online dating and matrimony! - so it's a very interesting problem space. We all work from home but we're very collaborative, we use Skype for a group chat "24x7", and we use iChat / Messages for pairing / screen sharing one-on-one as needed to solve problems, mentor, and transfer knowledge. We send our team to conferences and - shock, horror! - we have a training budget to ensure everyone stays current and can learn the latest technology to help us keep our technical edge. In many ways, we feel like a startup but we have a solid decade of successful business to build on so we get the benefits of being an established, profitable company as well. Win-win!

We have filled the web application developer role! (as of January 20th)

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  • 1 Stian // Jan 2, 2013 at 11:14 PM

    That's a positive way to start the new year, Sean! Best of luck with your hiring.