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Top Ten Blog Entries of 2012

January 2, 2013 ·

Just saw Ray Camden's Most-viewed blog entries of 2012 post and it made me curious about the most-viewed posts on my blog over the last year. A little bit of SQL and some regex query and replace produced this list:

Adobe ColdFusion Developer Week42385
Clojure at cf.Objective()?42187 0.2.238794
DI/1 0.3.1 released38191
FW/1 (for Clojure) Updated37331
Clojure 1.4.0, clj-time, congomongo36092 0.1.435726 0.2.335634
Remote Debugging35543
Clojure & CFML Sitting In A Tree35300

Nice to see that a fairly generic CFML post was the top entry, and that DI/1 has garnered quite a bit of interest. I was actually surprised that the Clojure JDBC library announcements were so popular. Five of those top ten posts are tagged with 'coldfusion' (and often other tags too) so I figured I'd also post the next five most popular CFML-related posts:

Clojure & CFML Sitting In A Tree Down Under32672
Work at World Singles? CFML / Clojure Developer wanted!32237
FW/1 1.2 and Open BlueDragon32201
World Singles is Hiring! Again!31206
Java, CFML and Frameworks29644

Two of my hiring-related posts got a lot of traffic - those old posts refer to positions that are no longer available but if you're still interested in working at World Singles, check out my most recent post about the three positions currently open!

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