Utility - useful links to get stuff done!
Fire The best multi-chat client for Mac OS X. It speaks AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and YIM!
Google This is my favorite search engine - it finds everything, easily.
Download Trillian The best multi-chat client for Windows. It speaks AIM, ICQ, IRC, MSN and YIM!
Yahoo! Groups Formerly "eGroups", this is my favorite mailing list manager. I run my weekend list on this, as does one of my friends (it's an old tradition - don't ask!), and I used it to organize my wedding... well, one of them.


Fun stuff!
99 bottles of beer How many programming languages do you know? This site has one program written in hundreds of different programming languages... Weird!
bilbanan A brilliant Scalextric-style car-racing web site. Build your own track! Race against the computer! OK, so it's in Swedish... it's still very cool!
enoweb Brian Eno - the man and his music
Friends Reunited A (mostly) free service for keeping in touch with (British) school friends and university alumni.
Ravensmeet Ravensmeet: a true online community with villagers, guilds, clubs and discussion forums. Come and hang out with some really cool people. Bring something of yourself to Ravensmeet and you'll get plenty back in return!
The Other Side... Twisted animations by Mata... Home of Mittens the Kitten... "I can smell your brains"... Inexplicable... Compulsive... Twisted!
thrill racer A brilliant young singer-songwriter from San Diego!