Mach II

From 12/31/2003 to 11/19/2004, this website was running on Mach II. At first it was using an early version of Alan Richmond's PHP version - read about my experience converting from FB3 to Mach II. As of 9/4/2004, this website was converted to ColdFusion and was running on Mach II 1.0.10. On 11/19/2004, I converted this site to use Fusebox 4.1.

Mach II is a framework originally developed by Hal Helms and Ben Edwards that evolved out of a desire to create a framework that specifically addressed maintenance issues using an OO style. Mach II was originally known as Fusebox MX - Ben and Hal renamed it once it became clear that the framework bore little relation to the procedural Fusebox frameworks. The Mach II framework has been publicly available for several years now (and as of June 2009, is at release 1.6.1). Mach II is based on an Implicit Invocation Architecture (see the Mach II website for more detail) and directly supports the MVC design pattern. Most of the resources I used to link to from this page are woefully out of date so I have removed references to them. See the Mach-II website for the latest information.