What's New(-ish)?

The site is written in CFML, using the FW/1 framework, running on Railo. I'm a big supporter of application frameworks - you can read about why I (used to) like Fusebox and why I (used to) like Mach-II.

Previously, this site was a Fusebox 3 for PHP application (prior to November 2002 this site was an ad hoc PHP site). Fusebox grew out of the ColdFusion community and I was very critical about it initially but promised to rewrite my site using it to gain experience with it - read my thoughts on the rewrite. Since then, Fusebox 4, 4.1, 5, 5.1 and 5.5 have been released - I was the lead developer for Fusebox 5.x.

I'd be interested to hear your stories about ColdFusion, Fusebox, FW/1 and Mach-II.

The section that used to cover BroadVision has now been laid to rest due to lack of interest. R.I.P. BroadVision! I also retired the Java section since I had never updated it.

What's Old?

The ColdFusion section has been around for a while and is slowly being expanded, hosting several pages about Fusebox and a section about Mach-II. My blog has also been around for a while (since early June 2002) and is updated nearly every day.

The C++ section is mostly copied as-is from the OCS Ltd site and has not been touched in a couple of years although it is still pretty accurate.