Farnham, Surrey, England : December 22nd, 2001

This year's wedding was at St Thomas-on-the-Bourne church in Farnham, Surrey, England. Our dear friend James repeated his role as best man and also sang in the choir. The service was a traditional Church of England blessing of our legal wedding rather than a full wedding service (due to various legal and CoE constraints). This was the wedding for my English friends and for my family - even my lifelong atheist father ventured into a church for this special occasion!

We had just over 30 guests at the ceremony, ranging from someone I knew at school (and last saw in 1979!) to (relatively) new friends. Miles (from my university days) read Robert Southby's "Love Indestructible" (and read it beautifully!).

After the service, we retired to The Nelson Arms for a few drinks before moving on to The Colony, an excellent Chinese restaurant, for dinner with about twenty of the guests.

A big thank you to everyone who turned up - it was good to see you!

The first few pictures can be seen here - more details (and maybe more pictures) will be posted here shortly.