Glastonbury Tor, England : December 22nd, 1999

On December 17th, 1999 Jay & I flew, on separate flights, to England to spend Christmas with my friends and family - the first time they would meet her! - and to spend New Year with Jay's friends in Ireland. And to get married for the first time!

Not legally married, since we wanted to stay entirely on the right side of the INS and we were planning on my initial visa and subsequent Green Card being done through work. But it was marriage in our hearts.

Jay's friend Kat had accompanied her and the three of us headed down to Glastonbury on December 21st to meet up with my good friends Hefin and James. We all spent the night in a B&B and, in true wedding eve style, Jay & I slept in different rooms, but it was a short night as we had to be at the top of Glastonbury Tor before sunrise.

We showered, dressed (very, very warmly!) and piled into James' car and went hunting for the Tor... Yes, I know it's 400' high with a great big tower on the top but it was still dark and we had no idea where it was. Eventually, we decided to park and search on foot. That's when we discovered that we were parked right next to it!

Jay led us all up the steep, winding path "like a forty year old bride" as someone observed: we had to call after her to stop and let us catch up! When we reached the top, it was dark, cold, very windy and trying to rain. We had about an hour to wait. We picked our spot, on the windward side of the tower which was actually the most still, and at the moment of the Winter Solstice, we began.

You can read our ceremony (in a separate window). There are a few pictures accompanying it. More pictures will be put in eventually.

During the sharing of cakes & ale (in our case, shortbread and Remy Martin XO Cognac!), we were joined by a very polite dog. It came and sat in circle between James and myself and each time the cakes came round, it raised its head to me expectantly for its share. As soon as we'd finished, it got up and walked off - presumably to find someone else's circle to visit as there were quite a few other rituals going on around the tower.

Afterwards, we stood and watched the sun rise fully - it was all very beautiful!

Then it was back to the B&B for a hearty English breakfast with plenty of hot tea to warm our frozen bones!

Our eternal thanks go to Kat and James for making our plans come true, and to Hefin for braving the cold to take photographs!