Oakland, CA : December 22nd, 2000

And so, a year and a day after our handfasting in England, we had a Native American ceremony of union on December 22nd, 2000.

This was the full production wedding for friends and family and we had been planning it for quite some time.

The seed of the idea came from two sources: a friend who raises buffalo suggested a buffalo robe as part of a future wedding ceremony, then it was pointed out that one of our friends is a Cherokee Elder. It all gradually came together from there.

Since we had people coming from Europe as well as all over America, we sent "Save the Date" cards earlier in the year. At that time, I set up the 'official' wedding web site which contains renderings of the "Save the Date" and "Invitation" cards as well as travel tips, hotels, directions and so on.

Kat was a star in taking on the role of Wedding Planner - what an organized little Virgo she is! Lots of people pitched in to make this a very special wedding - thanx to you all! A special mention should also go to Sheila at Papyrus, where we had the cards and invites designed and printed.

The wedding was a terrific success - here are some photos taken by my best man James and my friend Chris, both from England:


This is the altar piece at the center of the circle before the ceremony began.
Below are two pictures of the "happy couple" which give you a hint of how wonderful the clothes are that Arresta created for us. And, yes, we are very much in love and it shows in our smiles!

XimageX XimageX