"Mawwiage..." (Peter Cook, "The Princess Bride")
Jay & I keep getting married...

Click on the dates on the left to read more about our weddings. Our first wedding was back in 1999 on the Winter Solstice, the second was a simple legal wedding in May 2000, the third was the full production wedding for friends and family and was again December 22nd. 2001 saw a Church of England blessing ceremony in England on our 'traditional' date.

Unfortunately, things conspired against us in 2002 and there was no wedding. We haven't got anything planned for 2003 yet but here's some of the things we've been thinking of for future weddings:

Hawaii (a Kahuna ceremony on Big Island, up on Kileauea); Australia (I have family out there); Dominican Republic (a beach wedding!); India; Norway... who knows where else we'll get married!

We're so married, we can't get divorced!