2004 in Retrospect

As a new year dawns, I thought I'd take a look back over my blog for 2004 and pull out what I feel are the most interesting and / or significant things that I've blogged about. Overall, the theme of the year has been an increase in awareness of object oriented design and patterns within the ColdFusion community and an increased interest in, and appreciation of, application frameworks. To me, that's a very encouraging sign of growth within the skillset of ColdFusion developers in general.

As a backdrop to that overall theme, New Atlanta added CFC support to BlueDragon in the 6.1 release early in the year and is closing out the year with BlueDragon.NET and improved CFC support while Macromedia has been releasing more and more details of the next major release of ColdFusion MX, a.k.a. Blackstone, which adds exciting new features that include Flash- and XML-based web form generation, banded report generation with a visual report builder tool, simple creation of PDF and FlashPaper documents, application events and an asynchronous event gateway that opens up a whole new world of ColdFusion possibilities. The word is that Blackstone will ship "soon" (early 2005). Railo continue to work on their CFML engine and there are further offerings from IgniteFusion and Coral. It's an exciting time to be a ColdFusion developer (even if the number of available jobs sometimes seems discouraging).

Here's to an exciting and rewarding 2005! Here's to Blackstone, CFUNITED - the new CFUN, and Fusebox 4.2!